About Veritas Funding

We will be the best mortgage company to work for given the quality and integrity of our people who provide exceptional service to our clients and each other.


Our team of true professionals are experts at creating solutions that work. We are committed to setting accurate expectations for you and a delivering on the promises we make. You can expect respectful collaboration with each member of your Veritas loan team. We are masters of our craft.


Look through our customer testimonials and you’ll see that we deliver on our sincere desire to provide unparalleled service to our clients. We’ll interface with you in ways that you prefer. We’ll communicate with you as frequently and through whatever media that works best for you. You'll receive the individualized focus and attention that you deserve.


The mortgage lending industry is impacted by ever-changing state and federal regulations, complicated financial markets, national monetary policy, and even geopolitical influences. Our knowledgeable team can help you simply and successfully understand and navigate the mortgage lending world. Our depth of experience coupled with our continuing education program ensures that your loan team will know how to find the best solution for you.

75 NPS

Net Promoter Score

With a net promoter score of over 75 last year, we're more trusted than the likes of even Apple and Amazon.

$4.32 B

In residential loans

Over the last 3 years, we've done $4.32 billion in residential loans. We are a locally owned, well-established, trusted leader for mortgage lending.


Families and Individuals helped

Over the same 3- year period, we’ve helped over 15,000 families and individuals successfully finance their homes.

Client Testimonials

Rulon | Pleased & Peaceful Homeowner
People seem to always talk about how bad things are and how when you buy a home the company makes you jump through a bunch of hoops even if you don't know why you have to do it. However, with the Team at Veritas Funding, they will jump through the hoops with you and for you, from you Loan Officer to the President of the company!
Edward | First-Time Buyer
Overall a very positive and professional experience. I was dreading the idea of purchasing a home, but Veritas exceeded my expectations and accommodated every need I had. The manner in which the loan and financing was handled made buying my home a great experience!
Geri | Conventional Purchase
A lot easier than what I have been through in the past. You guys have it together. There was always somebody there to take my calls and to call me back!
Kenneth | Cash-Out Refinance
Easy! This was by far the smoothest and most comfortable process we have experienced. We will be sure to be a return customer. Thanks!
Eleonora | Experienced Buyer
Buying a home is very stressful, especially the loan part. This is my third time going through this process and it was the BEST experience ever!!
Clayton | First-Time Buyer
Veritas Funding was great to work with. This was my first time ever going through a loan process and they exceeded all of my expectations of what should happen. They helped us build an amazing home where we can stay for many, many years to come.
Jennifer | Credit Challenges
A great experience! Already recommending them to friends.
Misty | FHA Purchase
Everything about this experience with them was amazing. They made the whole process so smooth and easy. They have a customer for life.
John | Utah Housing Purchase
Their service was a stress reliever I could not have made it through the process sanely without the moral support and expertise of all parties involved.
Nikki | FHA Purchase
The process with Veritas could not have gone better. They are such a trustworthy group that will lay everything on the table from the beginning. No hidden fees, no hidden agenda. I would never use anyone besides Veritas at this point!